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30 Days Money Back

Sometime you just buy and you didn't like your purchase when you go home!!

No worries. Every purchase of yours is backed up by a no justification 100% money back guarantee. Just come back, return the product and collect your cash, they only condition is that you have not used that product.

Just take care of the following simple things to avail the 30 days money back policy:-

  • 1. The product should be from our store's regular stock only.
  • 2. The product should not be ordered or customized in any manner like size, weight & stone colour etc.
  • 3. The product should be in its original shape and condition. Means it shall not be broken.
  • 4. The original tag should not be removed from the product. Means you cannot just use the product for 30days and return.
  • 5. The product should not be bought under any scheme or sale offer.
  • 6. Taxes like VAT and credit card transaction charges will not be refunded.
  • 7. Exchange period should not exceed 30days including holidays in any manner.